Marilyn Dunstan Photography



Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta                           Horses Racing, Shell, Wyoming (paint daubs effect)  Trumpeter Swans, Washington                              Rialto Beach, Washington
Horses Racing, Shell, Wyoming                                Emperor Penguins and Chick, Antarctica             Big Horn Sheep, Kananaskas Country, Alberta, Canada                      Trees and Path, Kauai, Hawaii
Rolling Hills of the Palouse, Washington (fisheye lens)                         Jungle pathway, Corcovado, Costa Rica                           Leaf Pattern, Washington                         Forest Canopy, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Female Wrangler Resting, Shell, Wyoming                            Bear Encounter, Woodland Park Zoo, Washington                     Emperor Penguin Chick, Antarctica                                Wrangler Riding Downhiill, Shell, Wyoming
Flower Design (backlit by flashlight)                            Emperor Penguin Chick, Antarctica  Tree Canopy, Olympic National Park, Washington                            Leaf, Washington

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